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Edit Templates/Logos
Admin Panel - Styles Admin - Edit Templates/Logos

Please remember to read the Announcement first just click here.

OK when you click on this option in the Admin Panel the first screen you will see will be the Please Read Carefully Before Proceeding screen.

If this is your first attempt of making a template or changing your logo then you will have to create your own template first.

First off you need to be looking here Create one of your Forum Templates from an existing template in the first scroll bar you choose which template you wish to copy, say for example you wish the style used on this board which is called subsilver you would need to scroll down and find subsilver, then in the next scroll box choose myff_1 now press submit.

OK you have now made your template you should be able then to click on the first scroll bar under the Choose Template to Edit which should now have myff_1 in the list click on that and now you can edit your template or change or logo or icons.

You should now see the Choose File to Edit screen.

It is in this area that you will find all your .tpl files like OVERALL_HEADER.tpl

Change logo

The easy way to change the logo is to upload your new logo in the
Upload Image (make sure the filename does not contain spaces)
Area and before doing so rename it the exactly the same as the default logo for example the default logo on Acid is mylogo.gif so if i wanted to change it i would make sure my new logo image is done in .gif and would name it mylogo.gif (note caps make a difference it must be exact even the .gif and not be .GIF).

Now you would simply click browse find it on your computer then click submit this if done correct will just replace the default logo.(centring it and moving it around the header is more complex and a basic knowledge of HTML codes would be needed).

To find out what your default logo is called just click on the scroll bar under Select Image and when you click on each file it will show it under Image Preview

Once you are done go back to Admin panel and General Configuration the by using the scroll bar name default style select the mff_1 you have just made.

Or you can just click on the make this default template button.
Please remember once you have done this you may have to refresh your page a few times and clear your cookies

If you see an error saying You are over you image quota. So the image could not be uploaded It means you need to delete some images as you have too many or too large images.

Change icons

It is done the same way as the logo but this time you have to find the correct name for the icon these again you can just preview in the preview image just click on each icon or folder one you wish to change. Please remember that the icons name BIG are used for the index page only, And small for inside the forum.

You also have the option of the make default style if you wish your new template to be the default just click the button, but please remember again to create editor as a user.

Font colours/colors

You can change font colours and font sizes the best way to do this is look for the .css file and edit it in there.
i wont go though what each one does as i feel the guide inside .css explains this very well.

Now where to add things.

If you have a script and wish to add it so it appears on all pages you should enter your script in either overall_header.tpl or overall_footer.tpl
If you wish your script to appear on the main page only then you should enter the code in index.tpl
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