List Of Our Kind  Donors.



  1.  RantSpace
  2.  Charnwood Sunday league Football
  3.  Chitchatandstuff
  4. narutorpcenter
  5. Circle of Light
  6. photogenicstjohns
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    A message from Symon

    I would like to take the time to say a thank you for your kind donation.

    Keeping HOWTODOIT upto date is fun but can be very hard work.

    So why give the monies raised to a youth football team.

    The answer is simple I`d like to give the monies raised for helping you, to helping my sons football team, youth football is where all the greatest players started out, it is very unfunded and relies on sponsors and fund raising and kind donations.

    By Helping you on HOWTODOIT, you have kindly helped keep my son and his team playing for another year.

    Once Again Many Many Thanks.