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Guides On How To Convert.
Plus common questions answered.
Admin Panel Explained
Admin Index, Forum Index, Preview Index.
Add, Delete and Edit your forums, Set viewing and posting permissions.
2. General
Configuration, Ranks, Smilies, Word Censors,Profile Fields This area is where the over all controls are for the forum.
3. Styles Admin
Add templates, Edit Templates/Logos, Management,Portal Settings
4. User
Ban Control, Disallow names,User Management
Mass Delete Users, Mass Email Set user Permissions
Search Users
Users List

5. Group Admin
Management And Permissions . The place to set up and manage your groups.
6. Web Pages
Create, edit, add, install, make.
This area will help you make your webpges.
Logs Actions And Logs Config. This is the area to check what has been edited and deleted, by your Moderators.
8. Maintenance
Prune Forums, Resync Post counts, Topic Shadow
Forum Control Panel Explained
How to find and use the forum control panel
Options, Xprofile, Extras, Forum Status, Forum Admin Regain control Of Your Forum, Password, Footer HTML, General, How to find the forum control panel
Moderator`s Features
Extra Features for a Moderator
Learn how to spilt topics,delete topics, move topic,s and Lock a topic
Profile Explained
Answers on your profile Questions
Find out how to post a link in your sig, change your avatar and all other aspects of your profile.
Common Problems Solved
This area will aim to list all the common problems and guide you though the solutions.
How To Do It common questions answered
The Most common Question's Answered
If you want to add a radio, TV , games, make scrolling text etc here is the place to look
Editing Forum Template
Tips and guides on how to edit your forum templates. Change Logo, Icons, colours
Rank Images
Available Rank Images
Here is the complete list of available rank images for Myfreeforum,s
Rank Tips And Hints
A few Tips And Hints On Making Rank Images , Icons ,Buttons , Logos, by our very own SGTS
Portals Explained
A Guide To How Portals Work And How To Add Them.
Portal Hacks
here You Will Find All The Portal Hacks That Can Be Added
Add-on`s for your forum
Here are a few add-on`s hacks that you can manually add to your forum.
Exports, Imports, Advert Free, Domian names
Exports, Imports, Advert Free, Domian names
Here are all the answers you need to know on these subjects.
How to make your forum successful
A few hints on how to help your forum grow
From SEO, to tips on how to make your forum grow and keep growing.
Keeping You And Your Forum Safe
Information that may help you to keep you and your forum safe.
Template Information
A-Y Language Variable Index
If you need to know where to find a certain script this a-y should of some help.
phpBB 2.0.x Template file List
A List of All the Files In Your Template Editor.
Available Templates
See the Complete List Of Available Templates Already On The System. And screen Shots Of Each Template
Useful Information
General Information
This area is for information which may be of some use to you, for example what are cookies and how do they work. It,s more Internet related topics rather than just forum related
A look at the most common question`s asked about phpbb forum,s
A detailed list of common computer words
Ever wondered what ADSL, ATAPI or even FAT32 means ?? Enter here and all will be explained
Award Winning Forums
Roll Of Honor
A list of award Winning forums, that show just what can be done.
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